Core Carrier Program

Lakeshore Logistics Core Carrier ProgramLakeshore Logistics excels at establishing a core carrier program to reduce costs, improve service and gain a competitive edge.

Our core carrier program features these basic components:

Carrier procurement — We use our negotiating experience and buying power to secure lower rates and better service for all your shipments: inbound collect, outbound prepaid and third party.

Route guide management — We create and maintain your inbound and outbound route guides and distribute them to all your shipping locations and suppliers.

Monitor and measurement — We monitor, measure and report on compliance to established route guides.

Daily transportation management expertise — We provide toll-free support services to respond to transportation questions, information requests, disputes and other issues.

Education and training — We offer initial and ongoing training and education support and materials to existing and new locations and suppliers.

Additional route and rate support — We secure new carriers and rates as you and your suppliers add, close or move facilities.